Why Choose Me?

Happy Holidays everyone and I hope you are enjoying this festive time of year! 


So now that you know all about me, today I want to address the silent question most of you have when trying to decide on a photographer – “Why should I choose you?”  Most of you may not come right out and say it, but you are definitely thinking it - and you have every right to!  Just like any other service or product you may purchase, you like to compare your options.  Photography has become increasingly popular for young entrepreneurs and most people know at least one person taking up photography, if not more!  So – Why choose me?


The first and obvious answer to this question is going to be, because I can provide you with high quality photos that you will enjoy for a lifetime!  Though my business is new, this isn’t my first time around the block.  I have the knowledge, equipment, and artistic vision to give you the quality art that you deserve.  I could continue on this path, but I prefer to let my images speak for themselves.

Engagement, maternity, jamie leonard photography, Pennsylvania photographer, fall
sunset, engagement, couple, jamie leonard photography, pennsylvania photographer, couple session
senior pictures, fall session, jamie leonard photography

The second and less obvious answer to this question is the experience that I can provide for you.  A session with me is not going to be your typical, walk into a studio, stand in front of a backdrop, smile for the camera, that’s a wrap - type shoot.  It’s important to me that I take the time during our session to get to know you.  I want the real you to be captured in your photos, and I’m sure you want that too!


Take a look at the photos below…

couple session, jamie leonard photography, fall session, engagement

These may not be the typical photos you would choose to post on facebook or order to put on display in your home – but these ARE the photos that make your session authentic and often these photos precede the ones that you DO want on your wall.  Why?  Because they are you, they are genuine, and when you look at them you remember the happiness you felt in that moment!  I am not just taking your pictures but I am making memories with you and your families.

family session, jamie leonard photography, fall session
senior pictures, pennsylvania photographer, jamie leonard photography

The experience I aim to provide you with is also one of relaxation and reflection.  This is a fast paced world that we live in – we are constantly moving from one thing to the next on our endless To-Do lists.  How often do you take the time to just slow down, enjoy the atmosphere, and reflect on your accomplishments and your love for your family?  When was the last time you went for at stroll – not a gotta burn off that thanksgiving dinner walk – but a relaxed, eyes open, taking in the world around you stroll?  When was the last time you just sat and watched the sunset?  Or stared into your best friends eyes and thought about all the wonderful things you love about this person?  These are life’s most important moments that our To-Do lists often get in the way of – we all have so much to do and so little time to do it.  The time I offer you during your session is invaluable and you will remember these moments for the rest of your life!

couple session, engagement, jamie leonard photography, pennsylvania photographer
family session, pennsylvania photographer, maternity, engagement, jamie leonard photography
fall session, senior pictures, jamie leonard photography
couple session, engagement, fall session, jamie leonard photography, pennsylvania photographer

I hope I’ve helped you to envision what your photo session could be.  It’s so much more than a few clicks and a smile.


Please contact me if you would like to book a session, or if you have any questions about the packages that I offer.