Cecelia's Smash Cake Session {First Birthday Session, Mount Pleasant, PA}


About two weeks ago we celebrated my baby girl's first birthday!  As a photographer of course I could not pass up this wonderful opportunity to have a smash cake session for her!  

I tend to be a little last minute and actually didn't order her outfit or cake until that week - whoops!  We had been pretty busy but luckily everything arrived on time and Jeff Pastor at Pastor's bakery was able to fit a smash cake into his busy schedule as well - Thanks Jeff!

I can't remember what all we had to do that day, but we had been busy all morning.  I prefer to shoot in the evening, so when it came time to prepare for her photos we were already tired.  We had planned to go to a local park but instead of taking the time to drive somewhere, we decided to just do the pictures in a field above our house.  (Though the photos came out beautiful, I would regret this decision!)

I started out with some portraits of my little girl.  I call this face (below) her "Joseph Gordon Levitt" face - haha, her daddy makes the same face!  Keep on going and you will see her with her arms in the air - this is her "biggie girl" move!  She's already my little drama queen!

A little behind the scenes for you - Cece is not always cooperative with her bows! (I imagine her saying "Daddy, I'm done with this!")  Daddy and Oma had to re-prepare her for her cake!  

Before she dug in, I got some detail photos of the cake!  

....Now, some behind the scenes info about this and why I will never shoot a smash cake session on a hillside again!  I didn't want to tell you BEFORE you looked at the photos because you probably wouldn't even know if I didn't tell you!

While I was setting up a light stand (I used one, off camera, flash for fill light) someone (...Oma? haha) sat the cake, in it's box, on top of a pail (that you will see later).  Normally this probably would have been fine, BUT not on a hillside!  While maneuvering my light stand on the hill, I accidentally touched the box and it went sliding off the pail and down the hill!  OMG!  Funny now, not funny then.  I was tired to begin with, I didn't even want to look at it!  My parents inspected it and somehow there was only one area where the icing was noticeably smooshed (yes, smooshed!)  - we made that the back of the cake.  We're not done yet though...

So!  I took some pictures of the cake - smooshed area to the back.  Then I wanted to get some with Cece and the cake.  As Oma goes to sit her behind the stool/table, Cece's foot catches on the stool and the cake slides off and goes rolling down the hillside....through the grass and all... OMG!  Why!!?  After this second time, we could not pretend that the cake was ok anymore. LOL  So, there are no pictures of Cece with the pretend untainted cake.  Instead, we just set it in front of her and let her dig in.  If you go back and look, you'll see what I mean.  

All that said - the cake still held up super well!  I mean, I would have expected it to be destroyed after the first fall, let alone two!  On top of that it was delicious, yum yum!  So thanks again Jeff for your delicious (and sturdy!) cake!  (You can see above that Cece wanted every last bite!)

Time for my biggie girl to get cleaned up!

This last picture - "Daddy, are we done now?"  hehe  What a day!

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