What Do I Wear For My Business Headshot?

Amanda Majosky of  Amanda Majorsky Design

Amanda Majosky of Amanda Majorsky Design

Whether you like it or not, if you own a business in today's day and age, a portion of your customer client relationship is most likely going to occur online.  (Your business could even be EXCLUSIVELY online - think Etsy!)  Many of your customers will expect you to have an online presence.  Most will expect you to have your own website and at the very least they'll expect you to have a social media account where they can stay up to date with your current specials and promotions. 

I've seen companies that prefer not to put a face to their business, and that may work for them, but I can also tell you that your customers WANT to know you.  They may want your product and services but what is going to keep them coming back is their relationship with YOU!

So my customer wants to know me - why can't I just use a cell phone pic?

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(Note: Professional Headshots are not just for business owners and employees - if you're a recent college graduate or you're on the hunt for a new job a professional headshot may just give you that extra touch to show potential employers that you are serious about what you do and you mean business!)

If you've made it this far then you've likely decided that a professional headshot is a good idea, you want to get one (maybe you've scheduled it already! uh, exciting!), and now you need to know - what do i wear!?

The first question you need to ask yourself is 

How do I want my client (or employer) to see me?

If you wear a suit when you meet with clients, wear a suit for your headshot.  If you never wear suits or blazers, but tend toward business casual attire then a nice blouse (or dress) or button up shirt would be appropriate.  What if you don't even wear business casual attire in front of clients?  Say you opened your own clothing shop that focuses on casual trendy clothes - by all means if jeans and a t-shirt better fit your brand then you can absolutely wear that for your headshot!  The same goes if you have physically active job, such as landscaping or physical training.  You could wear a branded t-shirt or even a hoodie.  If you do decide to go for a more casual approach, make sure that your attire is clean and pressed - you should be casual without looking like you just rolled out of bed!

Now to put it together.

Once you have a clear idea of your branding look and style, consider the below guidelines.  Remember, it is most important to feel that your outfit is cohesive with your brand - the guidelines are secondary.


Jackets and Shirts (or Blouses)

Neutral tones work well for suit jackets and blazers such as tan, gray, and, blue.  Darker colors such as navy and black will look nice but may lose detail in the final edits due to increased contrast.  Avoid white unless you are a medical professional or a similar profession where your white coat may be distinguishing to your title.  (Our eyes are drawn to the brightest area in photos so white may distract from your face, and in a headshot we don't want that!)  

For men wearing a suit jacket stick with a solid color shirt underneath and a small patterned tie if you're wearing one.

For women wearing jackets or blazers, you can pair it with a collared button up shirt, blouse, dress, or t-shirt.  Solid colors or simple prints will compliment your jacket.

When choosing a shirt or blouse you may opt for a punch of color under your jacket.  Don't be afraid to add color as long as it is complimentary.

Adam Lucia of  StayKool Productions

Adam Lucia of StayKool Productions


Business Casual

You may want to tone it down a little and forget the jacket or blazer for a more casual look.  A button up shirt, blouse, or dress can make for a very nice and approachable headshot. 

Men should stick with dress shirts over polos.  You could also wear a sweater which would bring some texture to the photo.  Women should also consider texture in their blouses and dresses.  A heavy fabric photographs nicely. 

Whether your aiming for business casual or casual, both men and women should avoid stripes and busy patterns.




If you choose to dress casual for your headshot then you likely have a good idea of your brand and how you want to represent yourself.  I won't direct you much here except to say to make sure your clothes are clean and pressed.

Tips for Accessories

Avoid very distracting patterns and low cut tops.  If you're outfit is very simple you may be able to add a bolder necklace.  If you're outfit is already detailed, simple jewelry or no necklace would be best.  Earrings can add a nice touch but if they are too large or long they will be distracting.


Still Unsure?

If you're still unsure of what is right for you, feel free to reach out and ask for my advice!  You can also bring multiple options to your session and I will help you decide what will work best for you and for your photo.

Contact me to book your headshot session today!