Strength by Victoria: Empowering Badass Women


Strength is power, power is confidence, and confidence is success.  There is nothing fiercer than a strong, confident woman with the mind that she is unstoppable.  This is the kind of badass woman that Victoria Davis, founder of Strength by Victoria, a fitness clothing line, wishes to encourage and empower.

“Fitness turned into my drug of choice about 2 years ago.  I was always looking for my niche, my reason to kick some ass everyday.”  Victoria found that reason in the gym.  “My caffeine is in the gym.  The way I get my day going is in the gym.  [It] gives me all the energy I need to get through my day and more.”

Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, the way we look and the way we feel about our bodies greatly impacts the amount of confidence we have in ourselves.  We need to be happy with the person staring back at us out of the looking glass.  If we aren’t content with ourselves, we can’t expect others to be.  We can’t expect to hold our heads high, walk with purpose, push for that promotion, and show our sons and daughters the strength of a woman, if we can’t meet our own eye in the mirror with satisfaction. 

I’m not talking about trying to be skinny, or having surgery, or doctoring yourself up by caking on the make-up.  I’m talking about pushing your limits, watching yourself grow, living up to the standards that have been set, and continue to be thrust forward, by strong women around the world searching for a true equality amongst genders.

This is a day and age in which independence is not optional – it is vital.  For all the single women, working mothers, female entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, wives, girlfriends, students, etc.  We may want a partner in our lives, we may want someone to depend on, but that does not make us weak.  It does not make us soft.  It does not give us reason to let ourselves become a lesser version of our best: reliant and defenseless.

Fitness has become trendy the past couple years.  But it is a trend that deserves to stick around.  A strong healthy woman is the embodiment of true beauty and independence.  And if you find yourself at the gym, staring in the looking glass, feeling discouraged, you are not alone.  But finding yourself in this situation means that you are at the start of a wonderful journey to self-acceptance and self love. Nothing can be more discouraging and off-putting at this most crucial moment, when you have just set out on a new adventure and you are searching for that telltale sign that you should turn right back around, then seeing yourself hiding under baggy clothes, where no hint of muscle can be seen.  Part of getting through this phase is about making sure you do everything possible to feel great about yourself in the gym – and that includes a certain wardrobe.  If you hate that person looking back at you at the gym, your confidence levels are going to drop and the gym is going to take on negative associations.  And before you know it you will be tucking tail and running for the hills and the comfort of your home, hidden from all the judging stares, which were mostly the figment of your imagination to begin with.

If you want to get to be a strong badass woman, you need to look the part from the beginning.  Remember that not so old phrase, “fake-it-til-you-make-it.”  Get some badass fitness attire and get to the gym, and pretty soon you will no longer be faking it but living it.

Victoria says, “My motto is ‘Wake up, Kick Ass, Repeat.’” Are you with her?

Strength by Victoria launched March 28th, 2017 and is available at Article and photos by Jamie Leonard of Jamie Leonard Photography.